A-La-Carte PR

Little Fish Media offers an array of services and PR tools to help small businesses and nonprofits tell their own story to customers, potential customers and business partners, and of course, the media.

These pay-as-you-go services include everything from writing a press release to pitching to the media to social media writing and planning and the creation of custom content.

Contact Little Fish Media for a free 30-minute consultation by phone.
– Call 305-490-8831
– email: patricia@littlefishmedia.net

Little Fish Media offers a free 30-minute phone/Skype consultation. We’ll review your needs and determine which A La Carte PR services will work best for you.

Menu of Services (multiple order discount available upon request)

Press Release – $350
Nonprofit price* – $150

This service does not include distribution of the release or media pitches.

  • Press release with your logo on it (you provide the logo)
  • Draft of the release – up to two pages
  • Review and edit release
  • Final copy for you to distribute

Press Release & Media Pitches – $750
Nonprofit fee: $650
This service includes drafting the release, media pitches, coordinating interviews and interview prep


Media Advisory – $65
Nonprofit price – $55

Media advisories are ideal for promoting an event. These are one-page releases that combine event information with a short writeup.

  • Media Advisory with your logo (which you will provide)
  • A draft for your review – no more than a page.
  • Final copy provided for distribution.

Calendar/Event Outreach – $50
Nonprofit price – $40

We will post your event to relevant event calendars and email the information about your event to calendar editors in your community.

  • We will provide links to all the sites where you event is listed.
  • We will pitch the event to be highlighted on popular and relevant e-newsletters and blogs

South Florida Media Distribution with media* pitches (Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties) – TBD
Nonprofit price  – TBD
Our staff will send out your press release to our extensive media list, focusing on both general media and those specific to your industry and issue.

  • We will review and edit your release so it’s ready to send.
  • We will send your release to our media list and to those specific to your industry.
  • We will pitch specific story ideas to the media target list.

Florida Media Distribution – TBD
Nonprofit price – TBD
Your release will be distributed to print, broadcast (TV and radio) and online media throughout the state.

  • We will send out your release and provide you a detailed report of where it went and who published it.

National Web Release – TBD
Nonprofit price  – TBD
Your release will be distributed broadly online. Your will be found on search engines like Google and Yahoo, and be posted on Websites like Bloomberg, Nasdaq, Reuters and more.

National Media Release – TBD
Nonprofit price  – TBD
Your release will be distributed to print, broadcast (TV and radio) and online media throughout the country. This distribution also includes a broad Web release (please see the National Web release description).

Monthly Fees or Project Fees (multiple order discount not applicable)

PR Retainer – Fee based upon discussion with client
Nonprofit price  – Fee based upon discussion with client

Social Media Outreach – Fee based upon discussion with client
Nonprofit price – Fee based upon discussion with client

Special Event Outreach** – Fee based upon discussion with client
Nonprofit price – Fee based upon discussion with client
Little Fish Media will publicize your event, press conference or launch to audiences and media.  We’ll discuss your goals and agree upon a reasonable price that will help you garner the attention you desire without a hefty price.

*Nonprofits must provide proof of 501C3 status.
*Media refers to print, TV, radio and online media
**Keep in mind that to promote an event successfully, you need to start at the very least a month out. If you want to get into magazines you need at least a three month window.